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Mackie M1400's Frequent Flyer Miles


Abused but functioning M1400 amp, still in 100 percent working order


After doing live sound for nearly four decades, 47 year-old Chuck McKay thought he’d seen everything. But, when he agreed to provide sound for the Redding Air Show in Redding California last May, this avid Mackie M1400 amplifier user had no Idea he would learn first-hand just how durable the Mackie amplifiers really are.

“It had been a relatively routine day,” recalled McKay. “The Canadian Snowbirds had finished their show and the crowd was pretty worked-up. The closing performance was a biplane act. I guess the pilot thought it would be cute to buzz the lawn and cause a stir amongst the spectators. The pilot approached the field, touched down briefly, and then immediately began to accelerate. Before I knew it, the tail wheel of the aircraft had inadvertently hooked several cables from my audio setup. Five of my speakers tumbled like dominoes. I remember thinking, ‘What in the world is going on?’

McKay continued, “As the plane continued moving along the flight line, I saw my Mackie M1400 amplifier tumbling along behind it. The announcer attempted to get the pilot’s attention by alerting him over what was left of the PA system. One of the airport workers even jumped into a van and tried to chase down the plane. But, despite our best efforts, the plane lifted off the ground—amplifier in tow.”

After achieving and altitude of about 15 feet, the Mackie amplifier came crashing down. “You know, that amp bounced really good,” chuckled McKay. “In fact, after it settled, I thought that the worst was over. But, as if to add insult to injury, the driver of the van chasing the plane was unable to stop his van in time. Yes, that’s right, he ran right over that Mackie amplifier. I just couldn’t believe my eyes!”

McKay sent the jet-lagged amplifier back to Mackie where, after a full and complete testing of all functions, it was determined the Mackie M1400 was still in 100 percent working order. McKay was not the least bit surprised. “Those amps are really durable. I’ve never had a problem with them. I’ve used them in everything from beating sun to rain and even snow. They always work without a hitch.”

McKay did temporarily lose one Mackie amplifier from his stock, but he has several others to make it up. He currently owns 12 Mackie M1400s, 12 Mackie M2600s and he hopes to buy 24 Mackie M800s in the near future.


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