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Mackie's D8B Brings the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics to Over 3 Billion People

  Ed Greene, D8B, and 32•8 overlooking Olympic Stadium in Salt Lake City

Ed Greene is an industry veteran who has been mixing sound for nearly 50 years. He is also a dedicated Mackie Digital 8•Bus (D8B) user. Most of Green’s recent work has been focused on broadcast sound engineering for high-profile live events. If you have ever watched the Grammy, Oscar or Emmy awards, you’ve probably listened to Ed’s work.

Recently, Ed was asked by producer and long-time associate Don Mischer to help bring the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City to more than 3 billion viewers and listeners around the world. Greene, who will also be mixing the closing ceremonies, provided the world audio feed to all of the radio and television networks braodcasting this event globally.

At the center of Ed’s audio arsenal for the Olympics is his trusted Mackie D8B. “This kind of show is commonly mixed on consoles that sell for as much as $300,000,” explained Greene. “But Mackie’s digital console is extremely operator friendly and offers equal performance and stability for less than $11,000!”

Greene continued, “The D8B is truly a great sounding desk. I had originally set it up just to run the rehearsals, but it sounded so great and worked so well, that I decided to leave it connected for the whole ceremony. I fed the entire broadcast through the D8B and it worked flawlessly for the whole event. It’s one of my favorite desks ever!”

For the Olympics, everything from music and live vocals to dignitary speeches and audience response was sent though the D8B to a massive global audience. Also on hand was a Mackie 32•8 analog console. Green explained, “The 32•8 provided several auxiliary sources—I had a number of production mics connected to it. I also used it for metering. Like the D8B, the 32•8 worked perfectly and sounded fantastic.”

On February 24, Don Mischer and Ed Green will collaborate again to bring the closing ceremonies to an anticipated 3.5 billion people. The closing line-up will include performances by NSYNC, Bon Jovi, Christina Aguilera, Harry Conick Jr., Charlotte Church and Josh Groban among others. Green’s trusted D8B will be there too. “I plan to use the same setup for the closing ceremonies,” explained Green. “It’s wonderful! Such a pleasure using that console."

Editor’s note: Photos are available upon request.


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