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Audio that "Tells The Truth"

  Lee Roy Parnell

Perhaps the best thing about making affordable high quality recording gear is the rare opportunity to make an important difference in an artist''s life. Such is the case with our D8B and Texas singer-songwriter-slide guitarist Lee Roy Parnell. After years of making major label records pegged as "Country," Parnell made a record without worrying about what the radio or retail genre nazis thought. The result?

"Tell The Truth" -an album garnering four star reviews and a new audience who appreciate Parnell for being Parnell''s bluesy self. How does Lee Roy feel about having used D8B for overdubs, vocals, and final mixes? "Well, having (mastering guru) Doug (Sax) say ''best sounding album you''ve ever turned in'' at least made me feel I wasn''t TOTALLY crazy choosing to do the album mostly on D8B" Parnell declared with characteristic dry humor. "The cliché in Nashville has been you sacrifice some audio quality working at a home studio" Parnell stated, concluding with a wry smile, "Maybe we can put that one to bed now."

For more on Lee Roy, check out the Gibson Guitar and Vanguard Records web sites.


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