Fast Recovery refers to FRS amplifiers’ ability to recover after being over-driven into clipping. Most amplifiers’ outputs circuits tend to stay “latched” in the clipping mode, making their recovery time relatively slow, especially at high frequencies. This results in harmonic distortion, a decidedly unpleasant sound to your ears. Our FRS amplifiers incorporate two unique circuit designs that completely eliminate the latching phenomenon. The first is a Baker Clamp diode configuration, and the second is the use of two additional supplies that are at a higher voltage than the main supplies. Without getting too technical, the long and short of it is, our circuitry means there’s no latching and instant recovery from overdrive.

The latching effect is most prominent when the amp is near its clipping point, and we know this is where lots of folks like to keep their levels—pushed to the limit.
Mackie’s Fast Recovery circuitry ensures that when driven to clipping—and even when those levels are sustained for long periods of time—FRS amps will deliver distortion-free sound with great transient response, so everything comes out clean as a whistle. If you’re one of those people who tend to be a little overzealous with the gain, take comfort in the knowledge that while it may sound like crap on our competitors’ amps, with ours, it’ll just sound louder.